DarkElefant Magazine 

"Capturing the Moment"

What is DarkElefant?

DarkElefant is a brand, with a self titled online magazine. Established in 2009 and have become world wide since and have worked with numerous companies. We have photographers on staff and also crowdsource our content through social media, inviting photographers and jaw dropping models to submit material, with a promise of gaining exposure to our world wide audience.


Front Page Submissions

Submit Pictures to [email protected]


Can you say "Wow"? Karina was recently featured as our Cover Model for our Volume 13 and boy did she kill it. Not only is she on hot mommy but her instagram will make your jaw drop!

Model:  @ms.Karicerros 
Photographer: @_kcrtz_ 


Cheeky! Have you not seen Anjelica's Instagram?  Well if you haven't we will link it below! This curvy girl caught our attention and we just had to share her with you! give her a follow and help her get to 1k

Photographer: @shotbylopez


They say an apple a day keeps the doctors away but if we were doctors, we wouldn't want to stay away. Apple is smart, talented and gorgeous. What more could you ask for? oh yeah more pictures! Book her and send us your images!

Photographer: @fatboy.visuals


We volunteer as part of the clean up crew! Kat you are making whip cream look so delicious! If you guys haven't already checks out this San Diego native, see the link below and tell her DarkElefant Magazine sent ya!

Photographer: @nandosphotos


Is it hot? Or is that Just Remy? oh LAWD! 

Photographer: @marcellusmaison